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Paul:  Also know as Cyber Artist:

A writer of stories and poems, a moderator for a poetry website, an artist and drummer.

With his own recording studio, The Cave, Paul keeps busy writing, painting recording and drumming, Oh, and looking after his young Granddaughter!

It was Paul's planning that got the Special Projects guys together, and, of course, they’re his story's!

Who do we think we are?

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Cameron: Also known as Byngsies:

Cam started piano lessons when he was 10 and also learned classical guitar in high school. He also plays bass guitar! He was introduced to electronic music by his Father playing the likes of “Sash! - Trilenium”. That got him into EDM. Cameron is a big user and lover of Imageline’s FL Studio and uses Korgs’ Radias, KaossPad and Kaossoliator and software synths.

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Trevor: Also known as Electronic Excursions

Started playing piano at age 5, but being dyslexic can not read or write music. He picked up the electric guitar at 16 and played professionally for several years. Being a lover of technology, synthesisers are a huge fascination and he has a collection of hardware synths. Influences are everything from Pink Floyd to Metallica, New Age to Dubstep and Trance....Yep, he’s pretty confused!

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